Mobile website design is a field that changes almost constantly, and it can be hard to keep up with best practices from month to month. In that spirit, we've put together the 3 Most Important Aspects of Mobile Website Design to help get you up to speed. Enjoy!


Site load time is important for any website, but it is of paramount importance for mobile websites. Big name mobile websites (think Facebook or CNN) load in less than a second at today's mobile broadband speeds (some reports show loading in as fast as one tenth of a second!)

This is a high standard for most "small time" websites to strive for, but it's one that must be attained. Users have come to expect lightning-fast load times on their mobile devices, and they are incredibly fickle if their expectations aren't met.

There are plenty of different ways to increase your mobile website's...

There aren't many industries that are better known for having a whole bunch of crooks, liars, and scammers than the website design/development industry. The worst part of my job is hearing the heartbreaking stories some clients tell me about past experiences with other so-called "professional web designers".

Instead of being good stewards and true professionals, and helping their clients successfully navigate the confusing world of website development, these "web designers" instead take advantage of their clients... whether for greed, sloth, or apathy, nobody can say for sure. Our industry's reputation is indeed well-deserved.

My hope for this post is to point out some of the lies that I hear about most often and then explain them to you, so that you can go back to your "web designer" armed to the teeth with truth. So let us begin...

"I can build SEO into your...


What I Like: Beautiful design, effective layout of space, and nicely complemented colors Clearly explained benefits (reinforcing reasons to sign up) I love the "urgency" line they've put at the top and the bottom ("The all time fastest signup..."). It smacks a little of the "but we can't do this deal all day!" lines from infomercials, but at the same time I don't think it'll turn anyone away, and I'm pretty sure it's bumped their conversion rate up at least a percent, which is nothing to sneeze at.

What I DONT Like:

At no point does the landing page clearly explain exactly what Adzerk is or does. The conversion button (the green "Get Started" button) is much too small. A larger/more prominent button would...

Mobile marketing is one of the fastest-growing segments of the online marketing sector -- and why shouldn't it be? How many people do you see on a daily basis who are glued to their iPhone, Android, or similar device? A lot. That's the answer. Unless you're Amish or something.

So it should come as no surprise that pretty much everyone is trying their hand at at least some sort of mobile marketing campaign. The problem is, I see way too many of you (I say "you" because if you're reading this, you've almost certainly got some mobile marketing efforts in planning or already underway) making mobile marketing mistakes that are KILLING your chances at success.

Since I'm such a nice guy, and to help set you on the right path, here are a few mobile marketing mistakes that you probably don't even know you're making:

Not Including a Phone Number in your Mobile Content...

Google's recent Penguin update has changed the way we approach SEO. For small businesses wanting to achieve higher search rankings, creating links back to your site used to be a lot easier. All you had to do was subscribe to a private blog network like Build My Rank or SEO Linkvine, write short 150-200 posts about your topic, include your anchor text with a link back to your site, and watch your rankings climb for your keywords. The more posts you write, the quicker you climb. Mix in a little variety to your anchors and you were good to go. In just a matter of months, depending on how competitive your niche was, you'd find yourself on the first page of Google for your keywords.

But it doesn't work anymore. I know because I used to do it that way. Google has taken two major steps that make this method obsolete.

1. In February 2012, Google began going after...