Why Garraty Group is Different

Why Garraty Group is Different
Websites just don't have to be that hard. Our goal is to delight you with both the quality of our service and the quality of our product.
We're honest, trustworthy, and up-front.

When you work with Garraty Group, you're not just working with a company. You're working with real people -- people who understand that their fortunes are directly tied to yours, and people who understand that you want to be treated like a human being, not just another account.

  • One point of contact. When you work with us, you're assigned one dedicated in-house staff member who is responsible for handling everything you need. No getting transferred to billing or account services ever again!
  • 100% American Made. We've got nothing against other countries, but.... USA! USA! USA! We bleed Red, White, and Blue here at Garraty Group, and that's why we're dedicated to never outsourcing any of our work.

Say goodbye to the worry, the heartache, and the trouble that other website development companies bring. Choose Garraty Group, and work with a 100% American company full of real people interested in you and your company -- not just your fee.

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The best mix of affordable and professional

There are a lot of "big" web development firms out there. Their advantage? They've got the assets and people necessary to put together an extremely professional website and handle technically complex projects - but that doesn't come cheap. There are a lot more "small" web development firms out there. Their advantage? They can quote you a much better price - but you might not be happy with the quality of the work you see for it.

But just like Goldilocks' favorite bowl of porridge, we're just right:

  • We're nimble enough to be able to offer our clients very competitive and affordable prices,
  • And yet large enough to provide the professional services and technical expertise that our clients expect -- services and expertise that usually comes with a much higher price tag!

You're no longer boxed into choosing the untrustworthy little guy or the expensive big guy. Choose Garraty Group, the affordable professional web development firm.

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We care about people, not account numbers

It's no secret - we're in business to make money, just like you are. But not at the expense of building relationships and providing personal service. At Garraty Group, you're not just another account number or dollar sign on an invoice... you're David, or Angela, or Larry. Our goal for every project is for you to feel like you gained a friend and a partner, not just a website. We make good on this goal by:

  • Providing lifetime service and support for your website. We're here to make sure your website looks great and works well years from now -- not just when we send you the final invoice.
  • Serving as "your guy" when it comes to any online marketing. We have clients call us all the time with questions about Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and anything else you can think of, and we're always happy to help however we can - even if it's been months or years since we last did a project for them!

Website development projects and other online marketing activities can be stressful and confusing -- but they don't have to be. Choose Garraty Group for your next website development project and we promise that you'll get more out of it than just a beautiful, professionally-built website.

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